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To submit a bike ride event, please copy and paste the text below into an email, customise then email it to Don't forget to send a photo you own the copyright to.

Alternatively CLICK HERE to complete this Google Form

Event title

Attention grabbing route name including approximate starting location e.g. Tour of the magnificent River Mersey, Liverpool


Event teaser text

A sentence to describe the ride and who’s leading it e.g. ‘Join Sandra on a historic exploration of the sights and sounds of Liverpool’s past’.

Date of event: DD/MM/YY

Start time: HH:MM

Address of meeting location: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, POST CODE




This XXX mile distance event including XXX metres of ascent being led by [NAME] is suitable for beginners / more experienced cyclists / advanced cyclists. If you have recently completed a XXX mile cycle ride, you should be well suited to complete the ride. 


The event will mostly take place on quiet roads / busy roads / established cycle path / gravel / trail / mud /mountain bike route. Highlights of the ride include stunning scenery / XYZ places of interest / wildlife / nature.

This ride is likely to finish in the dark, please bring fully charged front and rear lights for your safety.


A map of the route including elevation can be viewed and downloaded at:

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL: If you register for an event and then are unable to attend, unfortunately it's not currently possible to cancel your place directly from our website event pages. Please contact us if you need to cancel as soon as possible so we can give someone else the opportunity to attend.




We ask that all riders respect social distancing guidelines wherever possible. We encourage riders to bring masks and hand sanitiser, just in case you need them before, during or after the event.


First event?

We know it can be nerve-racking joining a new group or event where you haven’t met anyone before… even for the most confident of people. We’ve all been in the same boat before, so we want to make everyone feel welcome. If you’d appreciate chatting someone before the event or having a buddy to meet you prior to going to the start point, please let us know by sending an email to with the subject line ‘request a buddy’.


Pace of the ride

The purpose of the ride is to get some easy exercise at a moderate pace while being able to socialise in a relaxed environment. We will regularly stop to allow people to catch up. We never leave people behind.


Terrain and potential hazards

This bike ride event will be travelling on a mixture of quiet roads / busy roads / traffic-free paved cycle way / gravel trail / canal tow path, but we will try to stick to the roads with least traffic.


Hazards you may need to watch out for include steep hills / bumpy paths / loose gravel / wildlife such as Canada geese / potholes / puddles / cobbles.


What bike should I use?

This event is suitable for mountain bike / road bike / hybrid bikes with road tyres / hybrid bikes with mountain bike tyres / folding bike / city bikes that are in good mechanical order.  Please have your tyres pumped to the correct pressure and with oil on the chain etc.


Refreshment breaks

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, it may not be possible to eat inside at a pub or cafe. We will stop at a shop where there will be an opportunity to buy refreshments. Don’t forget to bring a mask.


There will be no refreshment stops during the bike ride.


There will be a lunch stop around half way at a shop, pub or cafe so bring some money. please bring a bike lock to keep your bike safe! 


Usually we would have a drink after the event because is a great social opportunity to chat to people you didn't get a chance to during the bike ride. Unfortunately due to COVID19 restrictions, more than two households are not able to meet indoors or outdoors, therefore this may not be possible for the moment.


At the end we often like to have a drink which is a great social opportunity to chat to other people that you didn't get a chance to during the bike ride - it would be great if you could join us … don’t forget to bring a bike lock to keep your bike safe!


What else should I bring?

We advise you wear a helmet for your own safety, but it's not compulsory. You should also consider bringing some of the following: spare inner tube and tyre levers, any special tools your bike needs, some food or snacks for energy, bottle(s) attached to your bike and plenty of water, bike lock and glasses can be useful to prevent grit or insects getting in your eyes. Please wear/bring waterproof or warm clothes dependent on the time of year and weather forecast. Bring lights if you are likely to be travelling in the dark or wet weather is forecast. Please have footwear that is appropriate for your bike. Don't forget suncream (if it's summer) - you just never know with the UK weather!


Meeting point and public transport/parking

Meet by the [describe location] and any useful stations or parking nearby

Any finally…

Have fun on the event. We promise to make you feel welcome and we’re sure you will meet some amazing new people. Please try to avoid cancelling at the last minute - it could deny someone else the opportunity to attend the bike ride. If you have any queries or need assistance, please email and we will put you in touch with the event leader.

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