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Meet The Team

Richard Hearne (He/Him)

Founder & Chairperson

Hello I’m Rich. I’m a cis gay man, 39, and originally from Lancaster. I have lived in Manchester for the past 20 years. I took up cycling seriously in 2015 when I bought my first bike as an adult - it’s the best thing I have every done for my health and social life.


I couldn't understand why there was no LGBTQ+ cycle group in Manchester, so in May 2019 I started creating PRiDE OUT. It is becoming a national LGBTQ+ cycling group and I'm so excited. I cannot wait to see the group grow and for lots of amazing friendships to form whilst creating some very happy memories.

Bex Davenport (She/Her)


I'm a 36-year-old Essex girl. Brought up in Peterborough, I moved to Manchester in 2002 for Uni, loved it and never left!  When I was 10, I started to cycle around Peterborough as a faster, cheaper and much more fun alternative to getting the bus or walking and I've loved it ever since.


What I love about Cycling is that it's such a flexible, reliable, eco and affordable mode of transport. But most importantly, is the impact cycling has had on both my physical and mental health thanks to regular exercise, getting outdoors and having 'me' time. This is something I believe a genuinely diverse, inclusive and most of all fun cycling group, like PRiDE OUT, can offer to everyone.

Richard Overton (He/Him)

Communications Officer

Hey, I'm 'the other' Rich. Originally from the mother-land (Birmingham obvs), I moved to Stockport in the latter part of 2019, after almost 20 years of living and running my own graphic design business in London. 


In London, I cycled mainly to get to-and-from the studio, but I never really took the opportunity to get out on the bike for longer, more social rides. Something I can safely say I've embraced since moving to the North West, especially as we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such outstanding cycle routes, hills and countryside!  When I'm not out on my bike, you can find me either hiking over some large mountain, canoeing or sitting in a tent sipping a brew!

Louise Ryell (She/Her)

Inclusivity Officer

Hi I’m Lou, I’m Transgender, 52, Originally from Cannock, I moved to Liverpool around 20 years ago, I have travelled and worked extensively in the Middle East for around 10 years.


I started cycling seriously around 12 years old finishing 2nd in the Junior league in the early 80s. Cycling has always been my passion, keeping me fairly fit and also providing me a means to escape from the day to day hustle and bustle of working life. PRiDE OUT has given me the opportunity to socialise and meet new friends within a fully inclusive cycling group, my aim is to neutralise exclusion and give everyone the opportunity to participate without any fear of discrimination.

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