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Gay Times Short Film

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

GAY TIMES are looking for proud people from PRiDE OUT to submit videos of themselves for a brand new film series on LGBTQ+ inclusion in the sporting world. They’d love to see footage of you on your bike and talking about your passion for cycling. This could be done using your phone to create a selfie video or asking a friend to film you, and then sending it to GAY TIMES.

Whether you've cycled with us in person yet or you're planning to in the future, this is open to all. Gay Times would love to hear from passionate people with the below as general talking points.

- What got you interested in joining PRiDE OUT?

- What is special about PRiDE OUT?

- What made you want to be part of a cycling community?

- Is being a part of an LGBTQ+ sports group important to you? If so why?

- Why is LGTQ+ inclusion in sport important?

- How much of an affect on mental health do you think exercise can have?

- How have you found lockdown? And how has cycling helped with it?

- How important is exercise and being active to you?

All submissions can be sent to Gay Times directly at

For videos larger than 10MB in size, you may need to use a free file transfer service such as

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