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Become A Ride Captain

Over the coming days, weeks and months we are looking to find friendly, enthusiastic and reliable volunteers who can help us roll out enjoyable and welcoming bike rides to people of all abilities, identities and backgrounds in new regions around the country.


Support and training will be offered if required, but we are looking for people who are experienced cyclists; You don't need to be an Olympic athlete - 'experienced cyclist' could be from you having done lots of 5 mile leisure rides or 50 miles in the hills. The distance you prefer to cycle doesn't matter too much, we just need to know you're reasonably confident being on a bike and able to guide others in whatever is your ability range and comfort zone. 

Being a ride captain will require you to plan a route in advance, navigate on an event without (too many) wrong turns or losing people and being able to give clear instructions to a large group. You will also need to have the people skills to solve issues, engage with new members and make everyone feel welcome, especially new people to the group who may be nervous. We will offer training and support where required, so if you are 'switched on' and personable, but maybe lack some skills which can be learnt ... don't worry; We'd still love to hear from you!

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