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Our Code Of Conduct

Our 'BE KIND' Code of Conduct provides the framework of behaviours we expect from everyone involved with PRiDE OUT, that means; The Committee, Ride Captains, Members, Suppliers and anyone in between! 


Behaviour from everyone within our group is always expected to be of a high standard to ensure the safety and enjoyment by all. We ask that you act in a lawful way that avoids the risk of damaging others’ physical and mental wellbeing or that could damage the reputation of PRiDE OUT.


Ethics in our group are vital to ensure the best possible experience for everyone. We ask that you are honest, reasonable and respect the opinions and confidentiality of others. Please be mindful that not everyone will be comfortable openly discussing their sexual or gender identity; Nor will some people want their identity to be discussed or shared outside of the group. In all your dealings with group members, we ask you to be aware of personal boundaries; Innuendo and physical touching should be avoided unless you have consent or you're 100% sure it won't make someone feel uncomfortable.


Kindness costs nothing and goes a long way in making the world we live in a nicer place. A thoughtful deed or complimentary word really can brighten someone’s day and make them feel better about life. Please keep in mind the power of words and actions and how they could affect others in our group, whether for good or bad. Be tolerant, respectful, reasonable and fair.


Inclusivity is the bedrock of our group. None of us are the same and what a boring world that would be. We are a group for LGBTQ+ people and allies, therefore you are likely to meet many other people of many different identities and backgrounds and identities. We ask that you are mindful of the things you do and say and ensure they would not make anyone else feel excluded.


Nurturing allows people to feel their contribution, development and efforts are valid and appreciated. Where possible we ask that you acknowledge everyone’s unique strengths, reach out to offer support and provide encouragement. These things will allow people to flourish, engage further with the group and help to transform many lives for the better.


Discrimination, whether verbal or non-verbal is unnecessary not acceptable. We have a zero-tolerance approach to actions or words which are knowingly likely to cause serious offence or make someone feel excluded and unwelcome in the group.

In return, PRiDE OUT will ensure that the organisation and it’s running is:


I nspiring
D iverse

E qual

O pen

U nderstanding

T houghtful

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