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Revoke The Ban On Trans & Non-Binary Cyclists

17 April, 2022


Dear British Cycling (plus friends and allies),

On 6 April 2022, British Cycling's board of directors 'voted in favour of an immediate suspension' of its trans and non-binary participation policy. We call on British Cycling to immediately revoke the ban.


You only have to look on social media to see many trans people, cycling groups and trans allies are in disbelief, sickened and outraged at what’s happened. To ban trans and non-binary from domestic level competitions is cruel; Why the sudden change of heart?  ​​

British Cycling's reasoning

British Cycling assert that their reasoning for the ban is: 'Due to the difference in the policies held by British Cycling and the UCI relating to the licensing process, it is currently possible for trans-female athletes to gain eligibility to race domestically while their cases remain pending with the UCI (or indeed in situations where they are deemed ineligible). This in turn allows those riders to accrue domestic ranking points which impact selection decisions for National Championship races, which is not only unprecedented in our sport, but is also unfair on all women riders and poses a challenge to the integrity of racing.'

We question the use of potentially inflammatory language, suggesting the 'eligibility of trans-female athletes to race is unfair on all women riders'. There are many female riders who are supportive of their fellow riders, regardless of whether they are trans or non-binary ... not just in cycling but across all sports.

Policies, consultations and 'landmark' strategies

When British Cycling launched the first transgender and non-binary participation policy in October 2020, it was lauded as ‘establishing the requirements for enabling participation and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in cycling at all levels.’

On 9 July 2021, four months after British Cycling launched a 'consultation into its transgender and non-binary participation policy' (first released in October 2020), British Cycling published 'its first long-term landmark strategy' entitled Our Ride. They said it was designed 'to embed equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the sport and activity of cycling, and ensure that riders of all backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to fulfil their cycling ambitions.' British Cycling went on to say the strategy was 'developed over nine months in collaboration with the organisation’s 14-member Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group of independent experts, appointed in February 2021, and through extensive consultation with external stakeholders.'

British Cycling's trans and non-binary policy was reviewed six months after it's initial publication; and following a comprehensive eight-month consultation period, a further update was issued in January 2022. So why, when the first real-life test of the trans and non-binary policy came to pass, did British Cycling cave in so easily and say sorry, trans and non-binary people can’t compete?


Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment?

Why have a 'landmark diversity and inclusion strategy' to ensure all riders can 'fulfil their cycling ambitions', when they can't? Why have two versions of a trans and non-binary participation policy, published 15 months apart, if it isn't going to be honoured (and just two days before a race)? Are these documents worth the paper they are printed on? What a waste of time and money!

What cycling clubs have said

The challenge to integrity in cycling?

As the recent racism scandal in cricket demonstrates, you don’t have to look too far to find prejudice in sport. British Cycling's failure to implement its own policies and strategies, which are supposed to be promoting inclusion in cycling, is prejudiced against a whole community of cyclists.


On a whim, British Cycling's directors appear to have reneged upon their own policies and consultations. Isn't the ultimate challenge to integrity in cycling (to use British Cycling's own terminology), that trans and non-binary people have been excluded from taking part in a sport they love? This is intolerable, shameful behaviour.


The irony of stopping trans and non-binary athletes from competing, is that it will prevent the very of data and research, that governing bodies deem so critical. One of Britains' most successful cyclists and trans woman, Pippa York, touched upon this topic in her brilliant article in The Times.

We call on British Cycling to immediately revoke the ban and show trans and non-binary people the respect they deserve.

Best wishes,

R Hearne

Richard Hearne (he/him)

Cis gay man | #TransAlly | #BlackLivesMatter

Founder & Chairperson



6️⃣7️⃣9️⃣ Signatories & 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ Messages of Support | Last updated: Sunday 5 June 2022, 09:12 (GMT)


Elite Cyclists

  • Philippa York - One of Britain's most successful cyclists, TV commentator and trans woman
    'This situation has been handled very badly with no clarity or thought for the tiny minority directly affected.'



  • Eden Elgeti, @TheTransgenderSwimmer
    'Blanket exclusion of any minority is abhorrent in sport. Please reconsider and u-turn on this statement. The transgender population are not a danger to your sport, or any other sports.'

  • Laura Scott, Endurance cyclist

  • ​'There is no room for a governing body that sees its role as one that includes policing women’s bodies. This hurts us all.'

  • Tiffany Thomas - Road Bike Racer

From The Media

  • Bicycling Magazine - Rosael Torres-Davis, Editor
    'Women's cycling has many problems, but trans athletes are not one of them.'

  • Cycling Weekly - David Bradford, Fitness Editor 
    'Trans women are women.'

  • Cyclist Magazine - Robyn Davidson, Editorial Assistant 

  • Cyclist Magazine - William Strickson, Editorial Assistant
    'Cycling is an inclusive sport.'

  • Emily Chappell, Author
    'We should be doing everything we can to encourage more trans women INTO cycling, not looking for ways of excluding them.'

  • Future Publishing - Mildred Locke, Reviews Writer, Cycling News
    'If anything this move by British Cycling has demonstrated the danger of having one institution with a monopoly on a sport that should be enjoyed by all.'

  • Myles Warwood, Journalist

  • On The Outside Podcast - Francesca Turauskis, Producer
    'When an organisation starts to exclude people - and in such a reactionary way - the question I always ask is where will it stop? Deciding who to exclude seems like a far more exhausting endeavour that deciding to be inclusive. If we include and cheer everyone on, the sport can only grow and get better, faster, fitter, go further and get as many people as possible interested in the sport.'

  • Suze Clemitson, Cycing Writer
    'Trans people are human beings, and trans rights are self-evidently human rights. The erosion of anyone's human rights, therefore, affects us all. Cycling as a sport and pastime should be truly inclusive and free from bigotry, let's not erect barriers to participation where none should exist. Ashamed at the sport I love pandering to the noisy voices of a few empty-headed "culture warriors", and subjecting promising young riders to trial by media. If there is debate to be had, let it be nuanced and scientifically informed, not shrill and scaremongering.'

  • Sports Media LGBT+ - Jon Holmes
    "It is hugely disappointing to see British Cycling’s board decide to suspend its trans and non-binary participation policy, which had been extensively consulted upon, for domestic competition as a direct result of one cyclist being involved in a high-profile eligibility dispute who ultimately did not even race. The sudden change in circumstances through no fault of their own is cruel on those trans and non-binary cyclists who already were racing under the policy and will be sidelined until further notice; some will also now be placed under such scrutiny that their future participation will be in doubt. The environment in some community cycling clubs for participants who are trans and non-binary is also likely to be negatively affected, judging by a clear spike in comments that criticise inclusion that are being made and encouraged on social media and elsewhere online. Meanwhile, the chance of a cyclist who is not trans subsequently being challenged regarding their gender is likely heightened under the current climate, making for a culture that is less welcoming and less safe than it should be. We urge BC to take all necessary steps to repair the damage that has been done in recent weeks to its stated commitment to inclusion.'

  • Tom Huggins, Journalist

Cycling Clubs

From LGBTQIA+ Sports Clubs/ Organistions

  • ALL IN racingJosh Jones
    'Inclusion is more. It's more participants, more racers, more events, more volunteers, more members and more money. It's cycling's biggest opportunity for growth. British Cycling should show confidence in its own policies and advisory groups and reinstate its trans inclusion policy.'

  • LEAP Sports Scotland - Carolina Sousa e Sa, Project Officer (Communities)
    'A sad and frightening backwards move which will cause so much harm. It's appalling to use the phrase 'we're protecting women's sports' as an excuse for discrimination, hate and bigotry towards trans folks.'

  • Pride and Sports - Tabi Sutherland, Director for Cycling
    'The treatment of transgender people affects us all - it is part our greater journey to become a society where everyone can live safely as themselves. I and all transgender and non-binary people deserve to be able to ride our bikes without abuse, discrimination or fear. We deserve the right to live life as ourselves. This is an opportunity as a collective and individuals to support each other and realise a new vision of cycling culture.'

  • QuinsPride - Emily Hamilton, Chair
    'The arbitrary banning of trans people being involved in sport based on 'culture wars', disinformation and the demonisation of a very small community is a stain on sport. To set a requirement and then set it aside with the goal of placating a bigoted and noisy group is unjust, does not meet the criteria of 'fairness' bandied about so much and makes cycling look regressive, elitist and absurd.'

  • Rally - Duncan Campbell, MD

  • Trans-Fitness C.I.C. - Vixx Thompson

  • Unicorns LGBTQIA+ Netball Club - James Braun, Founder

From Cycling/ Sport Organisations

  • Baseball Softball UK - Al Spinas-Valainis, Fastpitch Softball Development Manager
    'If your 'ground-breaking' inclusion policy is only for the hypothetical participation of trans people, it's a deplorable excuse for bare-minimum inclusion when trans participants actually need it.'

  • Bike for Good - Jamie Wilson & Robin Duval, Cycling Health & Wellbeing Coordinator 

  • British Cycling - Claire Ashton, British Cycling Commissaire
    'Do you seriously expect me to officiate at events that I am banned from riding in? What a disgraceful state of affairs.'

  • British Cycling / University of Nottingham - Race Organiser/Student, Thomas Hutchison
    'I've had close friends directly effected, and this is my way of supporting them.'

  • British Kickboxing Council - David Jenkins, Secretary
    'Even a scientist who spoke out against trans inclusion in cycling admitted that only the top 1% of men could outperform "all" women in the sport (anecdotally), and yet one of the most common arguments is that trans inclusion encourages "average" men to transition for "easy" success. However no part of transition is easy, and no part of transition is about succeeding in more than just the effort to be one's self. Our own trans/NB inclusions consultation resulted in a policy that provides more equality and opportunity for women than ever before in our sport, and is also leading to vast improvements in safety procedures. When everyone is allowed to take part, we all win.'

  • Herne Hill Velodrome - Thea Smith, Cycling Development Manager

  • International Cargo Bike Festival - Tom Parr, Co-organiser

  • Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultramarathon and Relay Race - Angela Barron, Race Director

  • JUST A BALL GAME? - Lindsay, Founder
    'Sport must be inclusive and available for all either at elite or grass roots levels. There can be no doubt that this ban on trans, non binary or gender neutral athletes by British Cycling needs to be revoked. The way in which rulings have been handled over a number of months past and now dismissed is not acceptable. Sport needs to wake up and ensure that equality inclusion and diversity are at the forefront of governing bodies and leading organisations for it to thrive and be meaningful in the 21st century. Asuming female athletes are weaker tham male athletes generally is firstly sexism and law makers rely on these stereotypes and dehumanise competitors for being different. At JBG? the LGBT+ inclusion research documents we produced last year (2021) only show a slight improvement from findings from our research a decade ago. Sadly when it came to looking at online fan forums from several sports cycling proved to be by far the sport with the most bigotry and hate shown towards LGBT+ communities. Inclusion for all is needed to help young and vunerable people with their well-being and mental health, sport can do this too if it really wants too. "If we don't make changes we don't thrive."'

  • North London ThunderCats - Noah Smith
    'As the governing body of cycle sport in the UK, British Cycling should be doing everything in their power to encourage engagement from all peoples. Any blanket ban on people based purely on a circumstance of someone's birth is ridiculous, backwards and hopefully illegal. Revoke this ban now.' 

  • Petrichor Projects - Claire Goodman, Founder
    'Cycling is for all and all athletes deserve the opportunity to compete. British Cycling should be encouraging more trans women into cycling and not look for ways to exclude them.'

  • Pratt Racing (UCI Cyclocross Team) - Max Pratt, Director of Performance

  • RAPHA - Kristy Woodroof and Oliver Howe, Designer 

  • Reilly Cycleworks - Chris Ratcliff
    'Cycling is for EVERYONE'

  • RyanBuildsWheels - Ryan Downes, Owner

  • Soigneur​Tim Allen, Owner
    'It is disappointing to see trans athletes attacked with the refusal for the right to compete in such a disturbingly, rash way after following all guidelines to competition fairness set out by our governing body. This presents prejudice and discrimination within the British Cycling organisation, of which I feel ashamed to be associated with. I hope British Cycling see sense and are fast to reverse their decision on this ban of which I believe is damaging to our sport and to the health of the individual athletes it affects.'

  • SustransMichael Mackenzie

  • The Big Heat - Kelly Duignan

  • Women In Tandem - Charlotte Hartwell, Director
    'British Cycling and the UCI have behaved in the most unsporting manner possible by actively excluding groups from their races.'

From LGBTQIA+ Organisations

  • Claire's Trans TalksClaire Prosho, Trans Educator
    'The way British Cycling have managed this situation is a case study in how to fail at inclusion while destroying your organisation's credibility. A blanket ban is inherently discriminatory and unfair, and this policy should be reversed immediately. Sport should be for everyone.'

  • Lancashire LGBT - Lee Turner, CEO

  • LGBTQ+ Co-operatorsAva Rowell, Social Media Officer

  • Manchester Pride Protest - John Proctor

  • Mermaids - Verity Smith, Trans Inclusion in Sport Officer
    'Everybody has the human right to play sport. Encourage and support rather than block and discourage.'

  • Out in the Bay - Robert Mee, CEO
    We support pride out completely; Trans men are men; Trans women are women.'

  • Parent support group for gender diverse children - Caroline Hobbs, Admin

  • Steph's Place - Paul Levene
    'Fairness in Sport is not fair unless it is fair for everyone, and that includes Trans Women who simply want to be able to compete both fairly and safely. Full exclusion is never the fair or morally justifiable position - sport is a human right and no one should be denied their right to compete fairly based purely on the way they were born.'

  • Trans Lifeline - Karleigh Webb, Journalist/Peer
    'The people who are selling this level of transphobic hysteria, be it in the USA or the UK, are creating a toxic domino effect against transgender people around the world. You have legislative and sport governing bodies in both countries making rash decisions out of fear of backlash stemming from falsehoods instead of decisions based in sound science and real results from competitions. For the varied political figures and organizations who have a vested interest in peddling transphobia, sport is merely a means to an end.'

  • Transparent Presence CIC - Annie Kenton
    'The current climate of discrimination and exclusion towards transgender people is abhorrent and it is disappointing to say the least to see British Cycling are falling into this stance despite their own inclusion and equality policy. Please rethink and show that this minority can be included with no threat to women or sport.'

  • Trans Radio UK - Avril Clark (Co-Founder), Lucy Clark (Founder) and Phoenix Maycock (News & Communication Manager)

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Cyclists & Allies

  • Abby Fallows - Student, University of Sheffield

  • Abigail Iseson

  • Abs Lavender
    'Trans and non-binary peoole who ride bikes deserve better than this blatant discrimination and ignorant exclusion.'

  • Adam Dolling, Bike Mechanic

  • Adam Marx

  • Adam Turner

  • Adi Daly-Gourdialsing - Head of Policy Engagement & Monitoring, Gender GP
    'Science, research, & evidence should never be ignored in favour of ignorance & hate Trans women & girls have every right to participate in women's & girls sport'

  • Aibhne Paton

  • Aine Keenan, Author
    'This is nothing but indirect sexism and structural discrimination. Trans, nonbinary and intersex athletes simply challenge assumptions of distinct gender binaries and fragile heteronormativity.'

  • Aisling Gallagher

  • Aislinn Williams

  • Alan Dalby-Chung

  • Alessandro Sella
    'The lack of diversity and role models in cycling is already inexcusable without the introduction of these measures.'

  • Alex Aldred

  • Alex Ashman - ENT Surgeon, NHS

  • Alex Eliot

  • Alex Jump

  • Alex Kingsley
    'Expected better of BC but obviously very disappointed by their behaviour. I hope they come to see sense.'

  • Alex Reid
    'British Cycling needs to decide whether it is a body for all British people, including the whole LGBTQ+ community, or one which will abandon vulnerable people because they’re worried about controversy. British Cycling abandoning its commitment to LGBTQ+ equality is morally reprehensible and will be a stain on its history that can never be erased.'

  • Alex Wise
    'The research is clear. The anecdotal evidence is obvious. Trans women are women and deserve a place on the start line with every other woman.'

  • Alexander Baxevanis
    'Dear British Cycling, Please do your job and find a way to facilitate everyone getting a chance to ride and compete without having to give up their personal identity.'

  • Alexandra Coyle, Student
    'I am a trans woman and already feel very excluded and persecuted, being inclusive means being open to everyone - its so degrading to think that a free choice we make to transition excludes us from so much. Please rethink your policies and open your hearts. Sport already has guidelines regarding testosterone levels in athletes so as long as these criterion are being met what's the harm? its not just about being fair its about being human.'

  • Alexandra Moylett

  • Alfie Lawrence

  • Ali King

  • Alice

  • Alice-Amanda Hinton

  • Alice Andrews

  • Alice Connor

  • Alice Mapley
    'All sports should be for all people'

  • Alice Nuttall, Writer
    'Sport should be accessible to all, and sporting bodies should allow everyone to participate as their gender. Trans and non binary people deserve to be able to participate in sport in the same ways and at the same levels as their cis counterparts.'

  • Alison Porte
    'Bigotry has no place in sport. Sport for all, not just all with the exception of trans people.'

  • Alix Coe

  • Allan Oakes

  • Allan Shaw

  • Alyx Kirkmorris

  • Amory Oliver

  • Andrew Dignum

  • Andrew Knights

  • Andrew Pont

  • Andrew Robinson - Project Officer, NHS Scotland

  • Andy Powers

  • 'I strongly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy riding and racing a bike, irrespective of gender. As a BC member I want them to be at the forefront of inclusivity.'

  • Angharad Cartwright

  • Anna Chivers

  • Anja Jurgenssen
    'Transwomen are women, Transmen are men … to deny Emily her place in women’s cycling is just simply wrong and I urge all cycling organisations to adopt a fully unified and inclusive policy.'

  • Anna Ashford

  • Anna Graham

  • Anna Mynott

  • Anna Williams

  • Anne Bolamperti

  • Annette Sheard, Retired

  • Antonio Rilievo

  • Asma Ashraf, Nurse
    'It is important to be inclusive so that peoples mental health and well-being is not compromised.'

  • Aspen Chamberlin

  • Artemide Almeria Baraldi - Archeress/Taxi Driver,Compagnia Arcieri del Torrazzo
    'Blanket ban without explanation of Emily Bridges has been utterly unfair.'

  • Aura Lehtonen

  • Ayomide Oluyemi

  • Aynsley Bernard

  • Bart McDonagh

  • Barbara Ashton, Retired
    'There is no logical reason for trans and non-binary people to be banned from participating in any sport. It is a sad reflection on our society that this form of prejudice still exists. I write as a vey elderly heterosexual woman with no prejudices regarding trans or non-binary human beings'

  • Bea Goble

  • Becky Arrowsmith

  • Becky Hall

  • Bea McDonald

  • Bee Godwin

  • Ben Hunt

  • Ben Woodeson

  • Benjamin Thomson

  • Bernice Elaine Roust, Technician
    'Spot is an important part of a full and happy life few enough trans people participate and none of us that do would if we felt we had an unfair advantage.'

  • Bettina Gaschler

  • Betony Childs

  • Beth Lidster

  • Bev Sorsby
    'Sticking with my trans and non-binary siblings. This doesn't just affect trans and non-binary people, it's affecting everyone. I'm totally disgusted with BC and how they have pandered to this transphobic hate group and how they are handling (or not handling) the fall out. There is a toxic environment now as everyone is on edge because they don't know what to say or do.'

  • ​Bill Swales
    'Come on British Cycling, there's no justification for suspending your Trans and non-binary participation policy!'

  • Binni Brynolf, Library Worker

  • Brandon Bell

  • Bri Teinert, Bike Mechanic

  • Cam Gutteridge

  • Cameron Taylor

  • Camilla Ferraro

  • Camille Grapin
    'Good luck to you all'

  • Cara Dixon

  • Caraline Golson

  • Carla Benton
    'As someone fairly new to cycling, I am incredibly disappointed and ashamed of this decision. Cycling should be inclusive for everyone regardless of their identity. We should be showing people that cycling is a safe and welcoming community for them, not pitting women against women. I urge you to revoke the ban with immediate effect.'

  • Carla Skinner
    'BC, as soon as well-funded pressure groups, some might say hate groups, come knocking, your painstaking and admired work to develop and consult on policy collapses overnight, wounding so many. Change course quickly and humbly; trans and nb people exit and are not going away; for the good of our sport please get a grip of this issue.'

  • Carla Stevens

  • Carla Wakfer

  • Carole Clarke
    'It is disgraceful to treat non binary and transgender people separately.'

  • Caroline Beauchamp

  • Caroline Debenham

  • Caroline Grace
    'Blanket exclusion of any minority is abhorrent in sport. Trans and NB participants are not a danger in sports nor a threat to fairness.'

  • Carolyn Chambers - Physiotherapist, NHS Highland

  • Castianira Hatten
    'As a trans woman, I want fairness in sport, not just for trans people, but for all, which is based on science and fact. This u-turn is based on anti-trans elements in the UK getting "shouty", and it stands out a mile.'

  • Cat Baron

  • Catherine Booth

  • Catherine Green

  • Cathey Hall

  • Catriona Poh

  • Catherine Manning, Support Worker

  • Cee Pike

  • Charles Metcalfe - Support Worker and activities coordinator, Certitude
    'I am writing to you to speak up for the trans community and ask you and encourage to give your support.'

  • Char Boden

  • Charlie Kiss
    'A former racing cyclist years before I transitioned to male. I fully support trans inclusion. Please base decision s on science not prejudice.'

  • Charlie Sanders
    'This is an issue that needs to be treated with more thought and delicacy'

  • Chloe Nichols
    'A ban on trans people from sport sends out a dangerous message to the world. It suggests trans people are not legitimate, are a danger to women and that it is acceptable to be discriminatory. This mindset must not be allowed to prosper. It harms and divides society. Ways must be found to accomodate trans and non binary people in an inclusive way,to show that trans people are not the threat we are made out to be. Anything other than this will be demonisation of one of the most vulnerable communities there is. Repeal this policy suspension and reinstate a trans inclusive policy before it does any more harm than it already has.'

  • Chloe Lewis, Environmental Scientist

  • Chloe Spencer
    'Cycle whoever you are wherever you may be.'

  • Charlotte Kramer, PhD Candidate

  • Charlotte Daniel

  • Charlotte Fonfara

  • Cheryl Fletcher

  • Chris B

  • Chris Harris

  • Chris Jarvis
    'We know that BC are dinosaurs because they did nothing about the bullying issues within the Olympic teams despite several people coming forward with accusations and only did something when they were pretty much forced to. They did nothing about doping in the sport and a cloud of doubt still hangs over certain members of the 2012 team with unexplained jiffy bags turning up at hotels and a team doctor that was almost as corrupt as Michele Ferrari (and he would be if he wasn't so incompetent!) BC are a joke and if they cant or refuse to get into the 21st century and lead for once, then they need to disband, get out of the way and let a new organisation lead the charge'

  • Dr Chrys Papaioannou

  • Chris Terry, PR Executive
    'British Cycling is on the wrong side of history here. The sooner the blanket ban is overturned the better.'

  • Christian Sundquist
    'Trans women are women and deserve to race with women.'

  • Christine Penn, Cyclist
    'As if women in sport didn't already have enough problems/equality issues, banning a group of women (Trans women are women) only contributes to the problems.'

  • Christopher Aitchison-Knight
    'British Cycling have shown time and again they are a hopeless body with no spine'

  • CJ McGovern

  • Claire Donnelly
    'Cycling should be open to everyone to enjoy. No to exclusion of any riders who want to enjoy cycling as a hobby or sport'

  • Claire Edwards

  • Claire Morgan

  • Clare Shep
    'Why on earth we are still having these debates, sort yourselves out British Cycling. Sport is for everyone.'

  • Claire Snowball

  • Claire Tucker

  • Clare Krasinski
    'Women come in so many shapes, sizes and body types and with so many varying experiences. Trans women are just one type. Engaging in debate with well-meaning people around ‘fairness’ is one thing: bowing down to a damaging wider transphobic narrative is entirely something else. British Cycling have let all athletes down with this decision.'

  • Clare Stephenson Hunter, Social Worker

  • Claudia Correia

  • Cobie Forshaw
    'Trans rights now!'

  • Cole Lessard

  • Colette Valentine-Diamond

  • Colleen M. Proppe
    'Cycling is for everyone, as is life. I am a straight ally with LGBT family members (ie... PFLAG). Cycling has been a part of my family and has made life and mental health better. Please support all. Thank you.'

  • Connie Bree - Studio Manager, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

  • Connie Firtree, Retired

  • Connor Allman'I'm not sure if I'm allowed to sign as an Australian, but hopefully it's no issue, also haven't changed my legal name yet because I'm still early in my transition so I'll just use my original given name. Anyway as a trans woman I have just had enough of being treated like crap, bigots claiming that trans people's participation in sports is unfair or unsafe is a pathway towards them saying our participation in society is dangerous. Even now in Australia our prime minister scott morrison has tried to pass a law that revokes the legal protections trans Australians were granted in 2013, and did so under the guise of "protecting women's sports". These people don't even believe in the process of transitioning to begin with, so they really have no authority to speak over the organizations who looked at the data and decided it was fair for trans women to compete with cis women in sports. If a trans woman is successful in her sport, this is not because of an inbuilt "biological advantage" but because they trained for their sport, same as every other athlete. Governments are already more than comfortable subjecting trans children to abuse such as conversion therapy in the UK and preventing them from medically transitioning or having contact with supportive family members in the US, and this will take children's lives That is already a catastrophe and we can't let it or any other transphobic discourse continue, our lives are not up for debate.'

  • Conor Lamb

  • Coraline Harris

  • Corry Gatier

  • Daisy Jewitt, Care Worker

  • Damian Shaw

  • Dani Llewellyn, Software Developer

  • Danielle Morshead

  • Dan Saunders, Oncologist
    This is very poor behaviour from British Cycling which contradicts its stated intent to become more inclusive as an organisation. An opportunity to lead the way and set a better example has been lost. How can you have got this so very wrong after such a protracted consultation period? An organisation which is not welcoming of allcomers is not inclusive and not worthy of my membership fee.'

  • Dr Daniel Edmondson - Teaching Fellow, University of Salford
    'I am truly appalled by the climate of hostility my trans siblings are facing in the UK right now. As a gay man, I will not cease supporting women, including trans women, and will refuse at every turn the idea that those two things are mutually exclusive.'

  • Danielle Foley

  • Darcey C

  • David Allsopp

  • David Civitarese - Mission Leader, SCUL Starchasers

  • David Cox

  • David Franklyne

  • David French

  • David Hawkins

  • David Stinton, Bike Messenger
    'British Cycling must be held to their promise that they would support everyone to achieve their highest ambition with the sport. This ban is in complete counter to that mission, they are massively failing at being inclusive. I support this letter and all the trans and nb folk affected by the last minute ban.'

  • David Treadwell - Property Assistant, Universty of Bristol

  • Danni Capelin
    'I have cancelled my membership of British Cycling in disgust. I am a trans cyclist and while I have no intention of competing, the few who do want to should be able to compete & those of us who simply want to ride should be able to do so without being subjected to a constant torrent of hate.'

  • Dee Montague

  • Diana Egerton-Warburton

  • Diane Stallwood
    'Unless sense returns, I will not be renewing my British Cycling membership.'

  • Duncan Cruickshank

  • Donna Dee

  • Donna Hartley
    'Trans women are women and belong in women's sport. I am proud to play sport both with and against all women. We lift each other up and challenge each other to be better both on and off the track.'

  • Eduardo Sponda

  • Elanor Reynolds
    'To spend years developing a policy with loads of consultation, and then to pull it at no notice is not fair on anyone. Changing the rules mid season with no consultation at all is appalling. By all means review your policy - but the existing one should stand in the meantime. #BwithTheT'

  • Eleanor Blair, social and utility cyclist

  • Eleanor Jaskowksa - Founder, School of Rocks
    'Trans riders should be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Sport should be leading the way for society, setting an example. Instead we have moving goal posts and opaque decision making.'

  • Ella

  • Ellie Andrews

  • Ellie Dawn Bridger

  • Ellie King

  • Elise Polly

  • Em Coakley, USA Triathlon

  • Emma Armshaw

  • Emma Hacking

  • Emma Jane Hornsby

  • Emma-Leigh Pearson

  • Emma Reed

  • Emma Rooks

  • Emma Wallace

  • Emmalene Murphy

  • Emily Broad

  • Emily Bullen

  • Emily Cave

  • Emily Field

  • Emily Harford
    'I support the inclusion of trans and non binary people on all sport'

  • Emily Howling

  • Emily Jones

  • Emily Waller

  • Emily Willing
    'This ban goes against everything which I love about bikes and cycling. It's really gutting to see an organisation as influential as British Cycling taking such a clear step backwards on the inclusion of trans women and non-binary people.'

  • Erin Sutcliffe
    'For Emily Bridges and every other young person who is watching this awful discrimination - you are worth fighting for!!'

  • Erwin van der Stap'Transgender people do not pose a threat to women, or anyone else. Excluding them from sports, including competitive cycling, is pandering to the moral panic causing campaigns by trans hostile groups and individuals. A better policy would be to allow transgender people to compete in cycling and to work with the UCI to develop an international policy on the criteria for inclusion.'

  • Eva Kerr

  • Eva L Knight

  • Evan Phillips

  • Evie Rose Ansell
    'There is no valid scientific basis for any ban on trans athletes! This is just a repackaged version of the 1980s gay panic.'

  • Farrah Herbert

  • Feodora Rayner
    'Cycling is for everyone, and noone should need to choose between the sport they love and being who they are. I shall not renew my BC membership this year.'

  • Filippo Ciucciomei

  • Findlay Gibbs

  • Finn Clark

  • Finn Edwardson

  • Finn White

  • Fiona Aviani-Bartram

  • Flyyn Leonard - Official, USA Cycling 

  • Francisca Barker

  • Freya Watkins, Cyclist

  • Gary Campbell
    'It is sad that British Cycling in renaging on their original position have lost the opportunity to lead the way on the inclusion of trans and non-binary athletes.'

  • Gary Hill

  • Gary Parnell 
    'As a member of British Cycling and father of a trans woman, I am appalled at British Cycling’s decision; the complete opposite of diversity and inclusion. The fact that the language used in their statement does not recognise trans women as women, seems to be evidence of discrimination against trans women or a genuine lack of understanding of the seriousness of trans issues and gender identity.'

  • Gary Wilson
    'Stop discrimination against trans people it is wrong'

  • George Fanzio

  • Georgia Tsakiri

  • Georgia Reyniers

  • Giles Pierce

  • Gillian Bergmann

  • Gillian Walford

  • Gina Lee
    'Everyone should be included unconditionally'

  • Glenn Forrest

  • Gloria Preston

  • Graham Mulholland
    'As, currently, a member of British Cycling I'm saddened to have to consider not renewing my membership because of such exclusionary policies which do not follow logic or science.'

  • Greg Barnes

  • Guy Thomas, PRiDE OUT Member

  • Gwen Miller

  • Hannah Boaler

  • Hannah Clare
    'I resigned my membership of British cycling as a result of this'

  • Hannah Nicklin
    'Full solidarity with trans and nb racers and riders, I'm proud, as a cis woman who races, to race alongside my trans sisters and non binary siblings, all people have a right to sport.'

  • Hannah R

  • Hannah Porter
    'We exist, we are not freaks, we just want to live a normal life'

  • Hannah Shell, Management consultant & professional cyclist
    'As an American I am proud to race with trans and non binary athletes at many events. These athletes deserve to be part of whatever field they feel most comfortable in. They’re presence enriches our sport. Anyone that takes that away should just remove themselves from sport altogether.'

  • Harriet Clarke

  • Harvey Thomas-Benton
    'Cycling, and wider sports, should be open to everyone and anyone. We should not be locking out trans athletes — it stinks of rank structural discrimination.'

  • Hayley Bones

  • Hayley Evans, Junior Doctor

  • Hazel Blackwell

  • Heather Oliver

  • Helen Attwood

  • Helen Osborn

  • Helen Thomas - Acorn Occupational Health, Therapist

  • Henry Bushell

  • Holly Bissell

  • Holly McCallum

  • Ian Morton
    'It's important that we make cycling as inclusive an activity as possible and this recent ban absolutely goes against all the statements about support and inclusion previously issued by British Cycling. It is important we don't forget we are talking about people and these actions affect their physical and mental health as well as "create a them and us" situation in society where we allow other organisations with their own anti-trans agendas to influence the sport. At a time when the world is more divisive and fractured than ever we should be coming together in the cycling community. I 100% support this petition and eagerly await British Cycling over turning their decision.'

  • Ian Treloar

  • Immy Sykes
    'We often look back on the 80s, a period of intense demonisation of the gay community, as incredibly shameful. The exact same thing is happening again now with trans people. British cycling can be on the right side of history and be part of the solution, or it can be on the wrong side. Either way, your stance will not be forgotten.'

  • Ines Lozano

  • Ingrid Francis

  • Iona Hassan - Wheel builder/Project Leader Community Cycleworks/ bike mechanic
    'What Velociposse said. Please sort yourselves out British Cycling.'

  • Irvin Smith, A concerned cyclist
    I agree with this message. Let people be people.

  • Isabella Gray

  • Isabel Crowie, Mum
    'Trans rights are human rights'

  • Isla Swindells

  • Itziar Aldecoa Tamayo

  • J.A.Doohan, Nurse Practitioner
    'Equality, diversity and cultural respect is paramount in an ever increasing world of changes and differences, when will persecution be distinct and obsolete from our lives?'

  • Jack Bristow

  • Jack Denison

  • Jack Dennis

  • Jack Hardwicke - Lecturer, University of Northampton

  • Jack Meredith

  • Jackie Aspden
    'I am transgender and competed with women in mountain bike orienteering. Also had been allowed to continue as a BC Commissaire during transitioning. Had to resign my membership as I am not prepared to implement the ban.'

  • Jackie Edge (she/her)
    'Because my trans family deserve to enjoy the pleasure of happy pedalling as much as I as a cis queer woman can.'

  • Jackiel Rothschild - Product Designer, Dialog Exe

  • Jacob Davies

  • Jade Richardson

  • Jake Schneider

  • Jamie Cruickshank
    A shameful display of hatred for us trans cyclists.'

  • Jamie June Andi Hill

  • James Carpenter

  • James Clark

  • James Mead

  • James Moon

  • James Stubbins - Street Artist, SOCIAL SNIPER
    'To dehumanise trans humans in the cycling world is oppressive and goes against trans human rights. I stand in solidarity with trans cyclist on overturning this horrendous decision that does not embrace who they are as human beings.'

  • Jane Chase
    'As a cis woman, I want to give my full support to trans and non binary athletes.'

  • Jane Frostick
    Thank you for taking action - we need all the visible and audible support of allies and the community right now x'

  • Jo Atkinson
    'In a world where we are trying to improve activity levels and access to sports, to bar a whole section of society from cycling is counterproductive and utterly shameful. Sport is for all, activity is for all, trans and non binary people are valid <3 Solidarity with my trans and nb siblings!'

  • Jason Brown

  • Jason Potts
    'Let trans people compete. They don't deserve to be excluded for any reason, let alone excluded because of bigotry!'

  • Javier Merino

  • Jayden Manintveld

  • Jayson Green

  • Jen Burns

  • Miss Jennifer Dean, Accountant 
    'This retrograde and humiliating decision flies in the face of recent IOC guidance. It supports the false narrative that trans women are men, and should be rescinded.'

  • Jess Pomfret

  • Jessica Boakes

  • Jessica Newton

  • Jessica Simpson, The Copa Project
    'The exclusion of trans and non binary people is a complete failure from British Cycling. Their actions are disgusting and until the ban is reversed I will not be renewing my membership.'

  • Jessica Weiss - Director, Quaestus Solutions Ltd

  • Jo Chastney

  • Jo Marham

  • Jo Postle
    'These are PEOPLE regardless of anything else and should be treated respectfully, equally and fairly.'

  • Jo Salmon

  • Joanne Mason
    'All sports should be open to all people.'

  • Joanne R'rith

  • Joel Giddings, Teacher

  • John Dobson, Chef

  • John Milner
    'Shocking and backwards discrimation from British Cycling'

  • Johnny Bones

  • Josie Lees

  • John Adams, cyclist 

  • John Hughes

  • John Maguire

  • Jon Klaff
    'We need to understand the science, and we need to discuss that openly without fear. If we exclude trans riders from participating, how will we ever manage to get a set of data that stands up to scrutiny? We need an open and free discussion to enable full equality in sport.'

  • Jordan Stewart

  • Joseph Jones, Rock Climbing Instructor
    'The damage done to the youth of tomorrow by this ban is palpable. There is also the damage to the sport to consider. How many potential medal winners will be banned from the sport? How many dreams crushed? How many friendships that will never come to be? Sport is for everyone. If a trans person's hormone levels are equal to that of their cis counterpart, they should be allowed to compete.'

  • Joseph Robert Sullivan

  • Josephine Sirotkin

  • Josie Armor

  • Judith Harmon

  • Julia Taylor

  • Julian Steed, Solicitor

  • Julie Mytton-Gates

  • Julie Umhauer

  • Julie Webb
    'This is absolutely shocking. I hope this decision will be overturned.'

  • Juliet Chard
    'Everyone should have the opportunity to compete and succeed in sport. Disallowing trans and non binary competitors is blatant discrimination.'

  • Just Abigail
    'As a competitive triathlete I can't believe British cycling had capitulated to the baseless anti trans rhetoric being platformed by the media and anti trans hate groups like Fair Play for Women. Inclusion and equality are not a debate.'

  • J Price, Volunteer

  • K Dodd
    'Trans rights are human rights'

  • Kali Scott

  • Kara M J Zor El Worsley

  • Karen Pollock - Psychotherapist, Counselling in Northumberland
    'Trans and non binary cyclists must be treated with respect and dignity,not hate and prejudice'

  • Kate O’Brien

  • Katherine Fairman

  • Katherine Fodor

  • Katherine Harrison

  • Katherine Saminaden

  • Kathi Kamleitner

  • Kathleen Jowitt

  • Kathleen Loach
    'Cycling should be an inclusive sport. Banning a minority from participation is a huge step backward for diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Kati Silverberg, Charity worker

  • Katie Cole

  • Katie Davies, Nurse

  • Katie Gard

  • Kati Kriiva

  • Katie Mackenna

  • Katie Surry - Social Media Team, Space Youth Project

  • Katy Williams

  • Katya Relf
    'Equality is for all. Not for some.'

  • Keen Smith

  • Kelly Knight
    'Cycling should be an all inclusive sport for everyone.'
  • Kerry Bird

  • Kim Landfried

  • Kim Matthews

  • Kimberley Ashley Kerr

  • Kimberley Whittaker, Retired

  • Kirsty Frew, Lecturer

  • Kirsty Millar

  • Kit Teague-Long

  • Kitty Biggs

  • Klara Bow

  • Kris Wright, NHS
    'Banning trans athletes does not make the issue go away, it does not make trans people go away.'

  • Kristin Sundquist

  • Kristine Donahue

  • Larkin Stone

  • Laura Jaap

  • Laura Standen

  • Lauren Edensor
    'Sport already has a reputation of being a "boys club" for jocks, and this exclusion of trans athletes and cycling enthusiasts will only solidify the stereotypes around sport and hinder sport participation. Sports should be open and welcoming to all who wish to participate, and wider diversity only serves to enrich the sport culture - and never hinders it. I hope that British Cycling repeal this awful ban.'

  • Lauren Johnston

  • Lauren Stonebanks

  • Leah Henry

  • Lee Bodkin

  • Lenga Audrey
    'Trans and non binary people must have access to the same opportunities as their fellow human beings.'

  • Leon Whitham
    'Revoke this backwards and discriminatory move.'

  • Levi Paliouras - Student, Cambridge

  • Lexi Brown

  • Lianne O'Donnell

  • Libby Chapman, Postgraduate Student

  • Lilith Brokensha
    'Don't let GC rot your brain into thinking that any sport is worth more than a human being's dignity. I'd rather have no sport than one that draws arbitrary lines to make trans and NB athletes feel like pariahs. Shame.'

  • Lily Hoskin

  • Lilith Phoenix

  • Lily Morris

  • Lindsay Farmer - Professor, University of Glasgow

  • Lisa K

  • Lisa W, Cyclist
    'As a trans female mountain biker I contributed to both British Cycling consultations. Why did I bother? I have never felt more excluded from my sport.'

  • Lisa Severn

  • Liz Boothman

  • Liz Merryweather

  • Lizzi Elton-Walters

  • Lora Angelova
    'This decision is utterly shameful and does nothing but promote hated, discrimination, and division in our community and beyond. I stand in solidarity with trans and non-binary cyclists, be they teammates or competitors. British Cycling must immediately revoke this ban.'

  • Lorraine Thorn

  • Louise Gilmartin Smith

  • Louise Redgard-Siler

  • Louise Ryell
    'Inclusivity is key, an organisation of this size and importance should not exclude anyone, as a BC member and a Trans Woman I feel let down by the organisation.'

  • Lucie Westenra, Road Cyclist of 20 plus years
    'To depart from inclusivity and your own policies to give into the loud demands of Gender Critical (Transphobic) voices, who may be loud, but do not represent the majority of the population is abhorrent and should be reversed with immediate effect.'

  • Lucy Bridges
    'I was really disappointed when I heard of British Cycling's suspension of their policy on trans and non-binary participation, due to their fears(?) around trans women competing in events. I've always found British Cycling's resources and organised group rides to be excellent. I found the women-only group rides to be really welcoming and supportive when I first got into cycling. I know the decision technically hasn't affected such events, but British Cycling have made their position clear by their actions, and what happens in the sporting side does have an affect elsewhere. I don't see how my trans and non-binary friends could be made to feel welcome and safe at one type of event but not another within the same organisation. As a result, I won't be going on any more British Cycling rides or events and won't be recommending them to any friends. My membership has lapsed now, but I certainly won't be renewing it either.'

  • Lucy Roberts
    'As the great granddaughter of an Olympic cyclist, the wife of a very keen cyclist, someone who loves cycling myself when my health permits, and the mother of a trans daughter and a non-binary child, I’m appalled by the way that British Cycling are treating trans and non-binary people. Where I used to feel pride in my association with cycling, I now feel ashamed to have my family associated with an organisation that is knowingly discriminating against trans and non binary cyclists. They deserve better.'

  • Lucy Snowball

  • Lucy Willis

  • Luke Collins

  • Dr Lynda Foulder- Hughes, Psychotherapist
    There is no place for bigotry in cycling. All humans deserve the right to participate!

  • Maddie Noakes
    'As a Trans women who participates in multiple sports this set a precedent that I would rather not see in any sport'

  • Madeleine Norman

  • Maria Bredow, Paediatrician
    'We need to say yes, always'

  • Marianne Callaghan

  • Marianne Oakes, Therapeutic Counsellor
    'Sport should be inclusive of all diversity, excluding any section of society breeds hierarchy and is the thin edge of a very big wedge.'

  • Marie Ashby
    'British Cycling, you had a real opportunity here “to embed equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the sport and activity of cycling”. Instead, your actions have caused division, inequality and deep emotional distress to cyclists who need to be accepted for who they are. A reversal of this policy is the only way forward.'

  • Marian Mayer - Doctor, Bournemouth University UCU
    'History will judge us all by the way we treat each other. Demeaning anyone for such blatantly spurious reasons brings British cycling into disrepute. Isn’t the role of British Cycling to encourage participation? Please reconsider.'

  • Martha Gutteridge
    'It's just shocking that this rule was allowed to go through! Revoke this blatant transphobia now.'

  • Martin Dawson, Coach

  • Matilda Alexander Hallworth - Cycle Instructor, Freelance/ Glasgow City Council/ Cycling UK

  • Matthew Aplin

  • Matthew Gumm

  • Matthew Stubbs
    'Parent of a trans daughter'

  • Matthew Tremaine - AD, NTS

  • Marissa Axell - CEO, AXN Fitness and Coaching, LLC

  • Melanie Rhianna
    'The WFTDA, the defacto ruling body of roller derby, a full contact sport, changed its policies some years ago to include trans women and non binary individuals. The confidence instilled in trans people in being able to compete is life changing. British Cycling have taken away that from trans athletes due tio unfounded fear. They do not support trans and non binary individuals and are not welcoming. BC must reconsider!'

  • Michelle Trafford - Designer, HOK

  • Matilda Wilkinson
    'Sport should be inclusive for all, it is a vital part of belonging to a wider community that trans people sorely lack in general society and to blanket ban all trans people is cruel.'

  • Matthew Waites

  • Megan Barclay
    'This is just not good enough. EVERYONE deserves a place on the track and it is British Cycling's responsibility (and maybe even reason for existence) to ensure this is done fairly and without excluding ANYONE.'

  • Megan Milarski

  • MelanieLouise Ronianski-Hermann

  • Melanie Strong
    'It is unfair and discriminatory to ban trans people outright.'

  • Michael E Heinsohn
    'There is no reason whatsoever for a ban of this nature. Recind it immediately!'

  • Michael Fulton

  • Michael Myers
    'Full support for this fairness initiative.'

  • Michael Taylor

  • Minesh Parekh

  • Miriam Reedy

  • Miss Dodd

  • Molly Byrne

  • Monica Cassidy
    'I am a trans woman and a member of Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club. The club has a policy of inclusion as do all others that I have looked at. I was encouraged by British Cycling bringing Pippa York on board to promote inclusion in cycling, only to see this latest regressive step for inclusion in cycling. It was sickening for me to see BC joining in with this media driven moral panic against the human rights of trans people. Shame on you. After just one year of membership I will not be renewing unless this ignorant Trumpwittery is reversed.'

  • Molly Tresadern
    'I am a woman who loves cycling and I want all women - and I mean that to include trans women - to be free to love cycling and to compete if they desire. It makes me sick that a body representing something I love has instituted this discriminatory policy.'

  • Naadir Jeewa

  • Nadia Beeley

  • Nancy Daykin

  • Naomi Pennington

  • Natalie Dawson

  • Natasha Caleia-Ramos - Sales Associate, Assos of Switzerland

  • Natasha Cross

  • Natasha Harris

  • Natasha Robinson, Cycle Trainer 

  • Nathan Fenby

  • Nathan Thomas

  • Neil Cooper

  • Nell Stockton

  • Nelsy Casallas

  • Nia Dorian

  • Nick Pham

  • Nick Hubble

  • Nick Hughes

  • Nicky Simpson

  • Nicola Clements

  • Nicola Jagger

  • Nicola Jayne Hodson

  • Nicole Wasko

  • Nic Farr

  • Nik Rawlings

  • O Hamlyn

  • Oliver Levers, Researcher

  • Oriana Rawlings

  • Orla Toland

  • Pam Ehlers-Stec
    'Your policies are shameful. Cycling is for everyone and I strongly urge you to reconsider your extremely harmful and exclusionary policies.'

  • Pamela Smith

  • Parminder Dhillon

  • Patrick Turpin
    'This ruling (however ‘temporary’) is exclusionary and harmful.'

  • Pat Wirenski

  • Patrick Hayes
    'As some one who has committed a large amount of time and money to womens cycling I am very disappointed by the way British Cycling have handled a complex scientific and moral issue . Cycling should be a sport that is inclusive to transgender women and also one that maintains sporting fairness a balance the previous policy appeared to strike.'

  • Paul McAlary

  • Paul Wales
    'No person should be excluded from this amazing sport that not only gives joy and zest but promotes good mental health wellbeing.'

  • Paula Evans, NHS Nurse
    'I fully support PRiDEOUT 👍🌈'

  • Phoebe Lamb

  • Phoebe S Whiteley, Gardener
    'I've been a cyclists for years myself and used to be a member of a local club when younger. Banning transgender women from cycling is based on misinformation. Testosterone blockers reduce muscle mass and as long as the appropriate tests are carried, there is nothing wrong in trans women in competing in women's sport; the same for trans men.'

  • Peer Quaide, Mental Health Campaigner

  • Peggy Naumann

  • Peter Barnes - Senior Project Manager, RWS Group
    'Trans and non-binary people deserve to participate in cycling and competition as much as anyone does. They have my whole support'

  • Peter Cooper - Self-employed musician
    'Trans and non-binary cyclists deserve equal and inclusive treatment as fellow human beings.'

  • Peter Westwood

  • Philip Hopley
    'Please talk to the people like Pippa York to get a balanced view'

  • Philip Nulty

  • Phillip Trzcinski

  • Philippa Proud

  • Phoenix O'Neill (he/him) - Streamer and poet

  • Pooja Marwaha

  • Porcia Cato

  • Rachael Graham

  • Rachael McNiven

  • Rachael Edwardes, Clinical Systems Specialist

  • Rachel Ashe - Managing Director, Mental Health Swims

  • Rachel Gimbert
    '#transally 🖤🖤🖤'

  • Rachel O'Connell

  • Rachel Voss
    'People should be free to be who they want to be without bias or prejudice'

  • Rachael Townend

  • Raphael Lennon

  • Rebecca Chaplow

  • Rebecca Chatteris

  • Rebecca Franklin

  • Rebecca Gellman

  • Rebecca Vinson

  • Rebecca Westwood

  • Rebekah Tearle

  • Red Yates

  • Reid Lemker

  • Ren Branagan

  • Reni Donovan

  • Reuben Bryant
    'Banning women (yes trans women are women) from women events based on something that in no way gives an advantage is pure discrimination. Cycling should be inclusive of all and this decision is not inclusive. As a trans man, I am utterly appalled.'

  • Rhona Briggs, A&E Doctor

  • Ria Patel

  • Richard Mushet
    'Inclusivity is bigger than a few races. Cycling is bigger than a few races and a should be encouraged to take part in this glorious pastime/sport/hobby/mode of transport.'

  • Richie Knight
    'To ban people is to deny their existence'

  • Rick Hurst

  • Rick Owen

  • Rob Armstrong

  • Rob Piatt

  • Robert Paynter
    'End this ridiculous and exclusionary ban'

  • Robert Wallace

  • Ronin Rossanese, Bicycle Courier

  • Rosa Tyhurst

  • Rosi Digne-Malcolm

  • Rosie McClure

  • Roxanna Barry

  • Dr Ruth Pearce - Lecturer in Community Development, University of Glasgow
    'We are living in a time of anti-trans moral panic, in which it seems that misinformation and bigotry are taken more seriously than science and inclusion. It is clear that British Cycling have acted from a position of prejudice rather than any real commitment to supporting women and/or trans people's participation in sport.'

  • Ryan Robison

  • Ryan MacGillivray

  • Sadhbh O'Shea

  • Saikat Dasgupta - Planning Director, 82point5

  • Salina Wells, LGBT cyclist

  • Sally Hackett

  • Sally Thomas

  • Sam Gillies

  • Sam Harber

  • Samuel Craven

  • Samuel Pollard

  • Sandy Sullivan (she/her), social cyclist 
    'British Cycling's explanation of it's policy withdrawal, alongside it's commentary, suggests that the Board decision was taken without discussion or advice from it's independent advisory board, and was influenced significantly by pressure groups and discourse and conflict within it"s own organisation. Effectively banning Em, despite having confirmed just a few days previously that she WOULD be eligible to race in domestic competitions, and doing that by email would be considered incomprehensible by many professional organisations. This could & should have been handled so much better and the damage caused to Em's wellbeing IS inexcusable. As stated "this is not about one individual". It isn't. But the damage & confusion caused to not only cycling but to the wider sporting community will take years to recover from. "Exclusion" is NOT the answer'

  • Sapphire Mason-Brown

  • Sara Dillon - Buyer, Ldp
    'Full support from me'

  • Sarah Ferrari

  • Sarah Smith

  • Sarah Thomas
    'Please resolve this urgently. It's ridiculous to have talented cyclists' talent not being celebrated and included in 2022. The Equality Act is 12 years old, time to catch up and stop discriminating'

  • Sarah Broad

  • 'So much love to you all, stay strong xxx'

  • Sarah Morgan

  • Sara Eliason

  • Sarah Fisher
    'Sport is for everyone. And is vital.'

  • Sarah Jones

  • Sarah Scott - Aerodynamicist, BAE Systems

  • Mrs Sarah L Smith

  • Sarah Weir

  • Scarlett Mansfield, LGBTQ+ Instagrammer
    'Trans and non-binary inclusion is essential to the development of cycling. Their exclusion is of course transphobic and entirely discriminatory. Cycling is already too much a sport of the ‘elite’, just as I thought we were taking steps in the right direction, this happens. I’m appalled and sincerely hope BC revoke the ban instantly!'

  • Sebastien Lawson

  • Serena Le

  • Shakira Salazar

  • Sharon Wright

  • Shaun Last

  • Sheona Arnold

  • Sian Bradley, Architect

  • Simon Crosland

  • Simon Hamilton

  • Simon Turpin

  • Sinead Lyster

  • SJ Hockett

  • Sofia Rose Grimes

  • Sonia Hidalgo

  • Sophie Bradshaw

  • Sophie L
    'This ban does nothing to promote "fairness" or any other similar cause and simply serves to discriminate against an already mistreated group.'

  • Sophie Scott

  • Sophie Simmons

  • Spyros Parissis, Director
    'All people regardless of sex, gender and orientation, should have access to equal opportunities and availability of.'

  • Stas Uittenbogaard, cycling fan
    'Stop caving in to the small minority of astroturfed transphobes.'

  • Stas W, Student
    'I've always had an interest in cycling since early on. It's exhilarating, however, if I were to join a club, I would not feel welcome to join British Cycling as a non binary person, even if I have no interest in competition I would much rather support an inclusive organisation. This policy suspension was a shameful knee jerk reaction.'

  • Stefanie Feltwell, Teacher

  • Stephen Doran, Learning Support Assistant
    'Fully supporting this, as a parent and gay man'

  • Stephen Walker, Teacher

  • Stephen Harvie

  • Steven Barrow

  • Stuart Andrews, Bike Mechanic

  • Stuart Hodson

  • Sue Stubbs
    'I support this as a trans parent'

  • Tabitha Pickup - Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS
    'To exclude anyone from anything based on a protected characteristic like this is cruel and unkind. A regulatory body like this should be promoting cycling to everyone, not excluding people!'

  • Tamara Marie Keating
    'To ban Trans & Non-Binary from a sport is appalling. It is discriminatory, dangerous & sends out the wrong message. It is clear that this recent situation has occurred because of a reactionary move to appease bigots. You have fallen for the manufactured moral panic created in the UK by anti-trans groups & the UK media. You need to sort this out immediately.'

  • Tasha Hack, Occupational Therapist
    'Trans cyclist should be able to participate in cycling like everyone else - the ban is disgusting discrimination and blatant transphobia'

  • Toby Zeidler

  • Terry Osborn
    'All athletes deserve a chance to compete and the organisation responsible for getting more people cycling should act in an inclusive manner.'

  • Thierry Broer

  • Tim Dineen

  • Tina Reimann

  • Thom Bostock

  • Thomas Atkin

  • Tom Hill

  • Tom Merry

  • Vanessa Parker
    'Trans Women are women.'

  • Vanessa Strydom

  • Veer Visser

  • Vicky-Jane Gooding 
    'Banning all trans and NB cyclists while resolving a technical administrative issue is disproportionate and not a reasonable response not he situation. The use of inflammatory langue undermines the sense of community that exists within cycling.'

  • Victoria Haines

  • Victoria Rush

  • Victoria Smith

  • Vienna Lstadt

  • Vivienne Berryman

  • Will Johnson
    'Totally shocked by the regressive decisions of British Cycling and I hope they see the damage their messaging is causing'

  • Yulia Brigadirova

  • Yuqiao Huang

  • Zoe Baillie, Public Health Worker

  • Zoë Mackay
    'The vast majority of trans athletes who compete do so at low, participatory, levels. British Cycling has made it very clear that it doesn't want us, doesn't care about us, and will throw us under a bus at the first even remotely challenging occasion. It is not a fit and proper organisation, and it is not competent to run cycling.'

  • Zoe Muffett

  • Zuzanna Latoszek

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