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Register with PRiDE OUT

Its a simple 3 step process to register and join rides with PRiDE OUT. 

Step 1

Create an account
with PRiDE OUT.


You can either click on the
Join navigation in the top right of this page or click here.

Step 2

Register with Cycling UK


To participate in PRiDE OUT Cycle events, you will also need to fill in a CyclingUKs registration form to ensure that insurance for your participation on an event is valid.


To access the sign-up form go to WWW fill in the form and submit, or if you prefer you can download the sign-up form here and fill it in and then email it to us at


You WILL NOT be able to join any of our events until this form is completed. 

Step 3

Choose your level of membership. 


There are multiple ways you
can join PRiDE OUT. 

Pay n Pedal
Monthly Direct Debit
Annual Fee


If you think you qualify
for Concessions rates then
please contact us on before proceeding.


NB: You may have already done the CyclingUK form previously, but as we are moving to a new admin system we will need you to redo and resubmit this form.

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